The Cult of the Beautiful Boys

Uranians, Unspeakables, and Undeniable Homoeroticism

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Welcome to an RPG about queer men in the Victorian-Edwardian era. The time is somewhere between Oscar Wilde's imprisonment and the start of the Great War. The place is Great Britain, though characters are of course allowed to go on holiday. The purpose is to start a grand soap opera for the amusement of the members, most of whom are fans of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Maurice, At Swim, Two Boys, and other works of the type.

The Master Calendar

At the moment we are closed to new characters, seeing as it's enough work keeping up with the ones we already have. However, we are in need of a new Erasmus Blake.

The Rules

1. All characters represented by a single poster are gay or bisexual men, preferably below the age of forty. (This is about pretty boys, but older men are certainly allowed.) Only one character to a poster, please.

2. Other characters - women, straight men - can be played with by anyone. More about this in the third rule.

3. There are six types of posts. The first is the "enter" post, which each poster must make upon introducing their character. Entitled "Enter [Character's Name]", this post should contain the character's name, age, occupation, place of residence, and a short paragraph about his sexual history. Other things like family, education, pastimes, et cetera are nice to have but not required.

The second type of post is a journal entry. The third is a letter - only letters your character writes, not letters that are written to your character. The fourth is the conversation post: "Conversation between Character X and Character Y." Please make sure that the other character in the conversation knows about your post, and please let the rest of us know where you are while it takes place. The conversation should take place in the comments.

The fifth is a summary post of the last month in RPG time; I take care of that and no one else has to worry about it. *smiles*

The sixth, a recent introduction, is a party invitation that can be issued by any character.

If your character has a mother, to use an example, you may speak about her in your posts, but other posters may do the same provided that...

4. No one should directly contradict what another poster has said. A character's feeling and actions are open to interpretation, but plain facts should stay as they are. If someone has mentioned a male character and you decide he ought to be queer, you may role-play him provided you do not already have another character.

5. Each time you post, start off with stating the name of your character and the date on which the post takes place, in the world of the RPG.

6. As for comments, you may comment on an entry as yourself or as your character. Specify which before typing the rest of your comment.

As of right now, there may be no new characters who have first names staring with A. Four of the Boys have A names, as does the sister of another, and things don't need to be more confusing around here.

The creator and maintainer's name is Marauder The Slash Nymph (marauderthesn), who role-plays Jonathan Winter. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! This is Marauder's first RPG ever and she might make some mistakes.

The Characters

Jonathan Winter, a tutor of troubled loyalties (played by marauderthesn)
Vivien Culworth, an eloquent Oxford undergraduate (played by rainfire_dancer)
Anthony Mandeville, a writer and sexual adventurer (played by a_mandeville, originated by kazamatsuri_kai and formerly played by goddessofwords)
Arthur Harris, a consumptive and often bored student (played by brownstudy)
Sebastien Jones, a love-hungry rent boy (played by ladyblack888)
Quentin Blakeley, a calculating provider of prostitutes (played by rubytuesday1313)
L. Julian Howard, a painter and kept man (played by eclectictastes7)
August Lowell, a wealthy, musical, and seductive American (played by seventysixaokay, previously under the name ___drowse)
Christian Delaney, a blind Irish poet (played by deerlike, formerly played by actingjunky)
Damien Hall, a theatre-owner with a scandalous family history (played by creativepseudo)
J. Alleyn Wallace, an operatic baritone in mourning (played by mmebahorel)
Erasmus Blake, a natural philosopher trying to focus on his research (played by hans_meinigel)
Slade Montague, a painter and art dealer plauged by guilt (played by meanheart)
James Trent, a photographer fascinated by the human form (played by zusi)

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