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Letter: Jonathan Winter to Vivien Culworth - The Cult of the Beautiful Boys

About Letter: Jonathan Winter to Vivien Culworth

Previous Entry Letter: Jonathan Winter to Vivien Culworth Nov. 18th, 2006 @ 09:19 am Next Entry
17 February

Dear Vivien,

I searched through Malcolm's room at home to see if I could find anything that might help us against him. Nothing. It must all be in his rooms at school.

The question is, how do we get in? The only things I can think of are ridiculously theatrical plans involving pretenses and disguises. It has to be easier than that.

Or do we need to get into his rooms at all? If only he weren't so closed-lipped at home, I could at least know the name of a friend of his to start with. Although - he did see Kenneth White over the Christmas holidays. Kenneth is an old friend of his from when they were boys. I might find something there.

Still, our situation is far from hopeful. I've started trying to learn Italian.

In Lourdes overhead very elegant yarrow opens ultimately. I'm sure you can figure out that last; it's easier than you might think, and something you already know.

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