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Journal Entry: Slade Montague - The Cult of the Beautiful Boys

About Journal Entry: Slade Montague

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18 February

Tomorrow I make my venture to Tyler's Gallery to "weigh the competition". I suppose it is rather devilish that I would not be likely to set foot in the place, were it not for it's employment of a living, breathing enigma.
Today I decided not to open the Crowe, and to be honest do not believe I lost much business.
I suppose these pieces will be set, framed, and hung along my other sketchbook works.
Rather ho-hum and drab, if you ask me.
Still I have not given proper attention to graphite use in a while, until I found myself in a most agreeable mood today and, whilst sitting in the cool of my studio with my cats, rendered these two simple, androgynous pieces.

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