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15 February

St. Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is no better showcase of the depravity and sad state of the human condition. Men are eager to buy cards and candies and hothouse flowers for the women they will scorn and ignore the rest of the year. Truly a day only for the benefit of the merchants. And people such as myself.

A man approached me yesterday looking to buy a diamond ring for his wife. It was not my business to enquire why he didn’t seek out a respectable jewelers, so I introduced him to an acquaintance of my father’s who has connections in Africa. He is always pleased when I point customers in his direction, and paid me a quite handsome percentage of the money he made off the poor fool.

Speaking of business, word has it that the police are coming down very hard on renters and those who seek their services. I fail to see the reasoning behind this. I will be the first to admit I am a bad man, but not because I choose to be with men rather than women. However, I will have to be even more discrete in my endeavours, and advise my employees to do the same.

I had an interesting encounter with a client last week. I met him at the Alhambra. He was not the type who should have taken a renter. He needed more than physical release, and I certainly am not the one to give it to him. Still, he was not unkind and he paid me well. He pitied me, though, and that I cannot stand. I know very well what I was, and how that differs from what I have become. It was entirely a matter of my own choosing, and I neither want nor need any man to feel sorry for me.
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